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Nostalgic Games and Toys is an innovative games manufacturing company specialising in the creation of unique and exciting games for all ages. Our games are tailored to give good pleasure and entertainment and leave our clients with a sufficient dose of Nostalgia.
Nostalgic Games and Toys was created in December 2016 and own the Nostalgic iGure
TM Table Soccer Board Game which was launched in the Nigeria market in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. This Board game is a Proprietary product of the Nostalgic Games and Toys and since its launch, the Board Game has received tremendous acceptance from Nigerians across the country. iGureTM It ignites childhood memories of when life was simple, fun, enjoyable, free, safe and when we were more social and played together.
Our foremost drive is to see people bond and socialise again, playing together.
Our desire is to see to the total development of the individual through active engagement and participation in sports and games that will develop the skill of Coordination, Strategy, Positioning, Competition, Critical thinking, Judgement, Targeting, Manoeuvring, Tactics and Socializing amongst others. We intend to take our games to the WORLD and we have preoccupied ourselves with creating world class products for enjoyment and development of our target clients.

Our vision is to create a world class international product that will provide a platform for relaxation, friendship building and uniting people. To be a leading innovative brand, creating valuable products for the enjoyment and total development of the entire family.
We seek to make iGureTM a global household game that will foster friendships and bonding amongst lovers of soccer/board games.

Olu Igure is an experienced finance industry expert with over 15 years work experience in various areas spanning Risk Management, Credit, Sales, Client Services, Relationship Management and Corporate Banking. He is the Visioner and founder of Nostalgic Games and Toys and the Inventor of the iGureTM Table Soccer Board Game.
He possesses a B.Sc in Business Administration from the University of Ilorin and is a member of the Association of Certified Chartered (ACCA). He is a certified Risk Manager and has attended various courses locally, internationally and online.

His interests are in the area of Corporate Finance, Strategy, Change Management, Customer Service, Organisational effectiveness, Intellectual Property/Proprietary solutions, Inventions, Value Added Services.

IGURE Olufemi Emmanuel is a seasoned Travel/Immigration Relations Consultant. He began his working career in 2002 with Stephen Adesina & Company Limited, Lagos.  He was Country Wide Manager and was responsible for all processing of Expatriate documentation with the Nigerian Immigration service and Ministry of Internal Affairs. In 2003 he founded Plus Permit Solutions, providing comprehensive outbound/inbound travel services, Expatriate service, Visa advisory services and Passport, Travel Insurance etc. He has successfully organized Summer/holiday tours across the West African countries and the U.A.E.
He is quite knowledgeable in the retail business and has been providing strategic solutions and input to the successful market penetration strategies of the iGure
TM Table Soccer Board Game.
He is a B.Sc holder in Sociology from Lagos State University, Lagos.  Married with children and has a great passion for working with children. 


A highly skilled and experienced professional who has dedicated herself to the art of events management, creativity and providing solutions to the events needs of clients in various sectors including Entertainment, Oil and Gas, Diplomatic Missions, Telecommunications, Banks, e.t.c. She is a highly creative and resourceful person with over 10 years dedication to her work.
She is the co-founder, together with her twin sister, of JAV Events, JAV Bistro and JAV Interiors. They are companies specializing in various business sectors i.e Entertainment, Catering and Interiors decoration. They have been providing solutions to notable clients in Abuja and Lagos including The Presidency, High Net worth Individuals, Embassies, Banks, Shopping Malls, Churches, Schools etc.
The JAV Event company has worked successfully with various Shopping Malls in Abuja to drive foot traffic into the malls by creating ideas for special events with very impressive results.
Valentine is also the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Nostalgic Games and Toys and has contributed immensely to the development of the iGure
TM table Soccer Board Game.
She holds a B.Sc in Sociology from the University of Abuja and is married with children.

A Computer scientist by Profession and thereafter trained with the premier personality and image consultancy in Africa, she is a multifaceted brand and product distribution, route to market strategy expert with proven record of impact spanning hard-hitting business development, startups, B2B/C sales, revenue generation and client prospecting. Her experience comes from seven years of active (volunteer & paid) employment in different industries including Breweries, Telecommunications, Brand Consulting and Life style management Agency, an American multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products which include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software/hardware and working with/in diverse teams.


He has a strong background in the Financial Services industry spanning Commercial and Corporate banking, Investment banking, sales and marketing of financial products, Investment and Financial advisory as well as possessing an excellent commercial approach to providing viable business solutions. with over 13 years of experience from various reputable financial institutions including GT bank, Standard Chartered bank and BGL PLC, He has held various positions covering Sales, Marketing, Credit, Business Development, Financial Advisory and Client Relationship Management.
His entire career has been focused on improving revenues, identifying potential talent resources building and managing strong sales teams with the mandate to ensure business growth by improving sales and general business operations. He is a purpose driven individual with very strong analytical and organizational skills, with proficiency in the delivery of excellent customer service experience. He is a Principal Associate with Platformate Consulting Ltd.
He holds a Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering (B.Eng) from the Federal University of Technology Owerri and is a Certified Personal Financial Adviser. He is married with 3 children


Our flagship product is the iGureTM Table Soccer Board Game and there are diverse opportunities for partnerships and exclusive deals with the right strategic partners. This product has been well received and is gaining momentum quite fast especially amongst the lovers of football around the world. It is a tool to use to leverage your brand for maximum effect.
It resonates with a diverse base of clientele and is suitable as a branding solution. There are available spaces on the Board for you to take advantage of to create a sentimental connection with your target audience. The canvass is available for your paint brush.

Some of the applications of iGure TM Table Soccer Board Game are:
>> Household entertainment
>> Toy for kids
>> Strategy/break-out sessions
>> Bars and lounges
>> Events and occasions
>> Team bonding
>> Parties
>> Simulation tool for football clubs to model the pitch and train players