Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-01-19T17:36:16+00:00

Who can play Igure table soccer?
Answer: All ages

Where can I purchase iGure Table Soccer Board Game?
Answer: You can get the iGure Table Soccer Board Game on any of these platforms;
Payporte, Jumia, Konga, Kara, etc or call our helplines 08090931311, 07088438888

How much is iGure Table Soccer Board Game?
Answer: N7,500.00 (Seven Thousand, Five Hundred Naira only)

I don’t live in Lagos or Abuja, and want to be a distributor, how can I achieve that?
Answer: You can be a distributor in anywhere in Nigeria, please call our hotline numbers or send us a mail through this link contact us and be sure to get a response.

How many players does the game pack come with?
It comes with 6 players, one set of goal keeper and posts and 2 balls

How many players do I need to play?
The maximum players the board can take is 6 players but for better flow of the playing pieces and enjoyability, 5 players should be used at a time for each team.

Is there a playing manual for the game?
Yes the pack comes with instructions for setup and playing manual.

How do I get new team players if I don’t want to use the teams that come with my pack?
You can write to us at and will try to provide alternative teams for you at a little fee.

Does the game come with a table or playing surface?
No, it doesn’t come with a playing surface. The iGure Table Soccer Board Game has been designed to enable it to be useable almost anywhere. All that is required is an even surface and the board game be arranged for play and enjoyment.

What is the size of the Board?
The entire size of the Board is 120*60cm when arranged for play

If the playing pieces get missing, how do we get replacements?
Please contact us through our website or helplines so we can assist you with getting replacement parts. Please note there is a cost to getting replacement playing pieces.

Is there going to be a Table soccer club soon?
Yes we are in the process of registering a Table Soccer Federation or Association and we will be sending out invitations for membership registration.

What will be the membership requirements for the Federation or Association?
There will be various categories of memberships and this will be communicated. We will try to make the requirements as easy as possible.

Will there be Table Soccer competitions?
Yes we will organize periodic Table Soccer tournaments in different states and categories.