Game Rules

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Rules of the Game

During play- Instruction Guide

  •  Players are to take turns during play to prod or push the players to hit the ball forward, towards the goal to score against the opposing team.
  • There should be no simultaneous play by the players
  •  Players are to ensure their playing pieces do not hit the opponents playing pieces whilst trying to hit the ball.
  • Playing pieces can only be prodded or moved once and then it becomes the other player’s turn to move or prod their own playing piece.
  •  Only one playing piece can be moved or prodded at a time. Moving more than one, will result in an infringement and the other player is entitled to a spot kick.
  • You are not allowed to guide/support the ball in any direction with your hands. No other hand/finger is required on the board other than the one being used to prod/flick the players.


  • You can toss a coin to determine the side that will start kick-off
  •  All players are arranged into positions at kick-off
  • The side starting the kick-off places two players in the centre circle and one of the players passes the ball to the second one who can either shoot to score or pass to another player in the team
  •  The other team’s players are outside the centre line before kick-off and the other team can only play when the kick-off team’s second player has touched the ball.

At throw-in

  • The playing piece is put on the side-line and the ball place on top of the player for a throw-in.
  •  The playing piece is then pushed or prodded towards the opposing side together with the ball. This can be towards another team player. The same player throwing the ball in cannot make the next contact with the ball. It must be by another team member or playing piece.
  •  Both teams playing pieces can be rearranged into positions on the pitch before a throw-in.
  •  If the ball gets into the keepers 6 yard box, it automatically becomes a goal kick for the team on whose side the ball is in.

At goal kick

  • A goal kick can be taken by the playing piece from any position within the six yard and penalty areas.
  • Both teams playing pieces can be rearranged into positions on the pitch before a kick-in .
  • A goal kick can result in a goal so the defending team must arrange its playing pieces or players in a way as to prevent a goal being scored by the side taking the goal kick.

At Penalty

  • Both teams playing pieces must be outside the penalty area and behind the penalty line box before each penalty kick.
  •  An infringement i.e hitting another player instead of the ball, inside the penalty box will lead to a penalty.
  •  Both teams playing pieces can be rearranged into positions on the pitch before and after a penalty kick.
  •  The playing piece attempting the penalty kick must be placed in the semi-circle outside the penalty area to take the penalty kick.

Spot Kick

  • Players will be lined up to defend the kick. Could be 2, 3 or 4.
  •  The attacking team will position one player for the kick and the kick is taken once after which play continues.
  •  The players of both teams are not rearranged after a spot kick. They can only be rearranged before a spot kick and if the ball goes out of play after the kick.
  •  To play a spot kick, the ball can be placed on the side of one player in a leaning position to enable it glide over the player it is leaning on to give the ball a lift over the opposing side’s players in an attempt to score a goal.
    Tips – The ball can be made to go above the defenders/wall during a spot kick by hitting the ball from an angle with slightly more intensity/force. This will give the ball lift over the defenders

Corner kick

  • A corner kick occurs when the ball goes out of play from a team’s side-line after touching the defending team.
  •  The corner kick is taken from the corners at the extreme ends of the field.
  •  Both teams playing pieces can be rearranged into positions on the pitch before a corner kick.
  •  Except the ball goes out of play after the corner kick, the other players are not rearranged on the field, play is to continue after the corner kick.


  • A player is guilty of an infringement if; it hits another player that is with the ball 2 times consecutively in the course of play without hitting the ball. This will result in a spot kick against the offending side.
  •  When a player is off-side.
  •  When a player covers the ball during play and in an attempt to hit or advance with the ball.


  • A player is offside when there are no players between it and the goal line of the opposing team at the point a pass is made to the player.
  • The players can be moved out of off-side position by just prodding or flicking the players with the fingers.

Scoring a goal

  • The goal keeper does not have to be ready before an attempt can be made at scoring
  • The ball must fully cross the line to qualify as a goal.
  •  Once a goal is scored, the players can be rearranged and kick off starts again