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About Us

Nostalgic Games and Toys was created in December 2016 and own the Nostalgic iGureTM Table Soccer Board Game which was launched in the Nigeria market in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. This Board game is a Proprietary product of the Nostalgic Games and Toys and since its launch, the Board Game has received tremendous acceptance from Nigerians across the country. iGureTM It ignites childhood memories of when life was simple, fun, enjoyable, free, safe and when we were more social and played together.
Our foremost drive is to see people bond and socialise again, playing together.

Our Mission

We seek to make iGureTM a global household game that will foster friendships and bonding amongst lovers of soccer/board games.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world class international product that will provide a platform for relaxation, friendship building and uniting people. To be a leading innovative brand, creating valuable products for the enjoyment and total development of the entire family.

Our desire is to see to the total development of the individual through active engagement and participation in sports and games that will develop the skill of Coordination, Strategy, Positioning, Competition, Critical thinking, Judgement, Targeting, Manoeuvring, Tactics and Socializing amongst others. We intend to take our games to the WORLD and we have preoccupied ourselves with creating world class products for enjoyment and development of our target clients.

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