Nostalgic Games and Toys

Community Impact

At Nostalgic Games and Toys, we are preoccupied with impacting our community for good. There is no doubt that we are in the digital age and we are becoming more and more addicted to gadgets of all shades. We are of the view that this is impacting negatively on the essence and meaning of who we truly are, HUMAN BEINGS. People no longer LOOK UP for that connection and we are helplessly consumed in our worlds and spaces no thanks to gadgets and the access they provide to the VIRTUAL worlds we now literally live in.

Our world is changing, we our losing ourselves and we are of the view that we need to take back and own this world again through real and genuine human connections. Our flagship Board Game, the iGureTM Table Soccer Board Game is making real impact in this space and we are confident that it is a solution relevant for today.
We are committed to getting this game into every home and corner of the world and by so doing, create true bonds amongst family members, neighbours, friends, colleagues, and even enemies.